We're doing things differently...

We aggregate financial services, working with Tier 1 banking providers, fintech disruptors & industry experts to deliver accessibility for all.

For a better financial future

Customer driven

Everything we do is to make life easier for our clients. We want to rid them of administrative burdens, increasing efficiency & nurturing growth.

Always innovating

We lead from the front with market-leading products & services. By offering efficient tools to our customers, we provide them with new opportunities.

Building a better financial future

Our team of executives (who have a proven track record of scaling successful worldwide businesses) have joined forces to create a consortium that reimagines the financial landscape. Aggregating financial services offered by some of the world's leading tier-one banks, fintech disruptors & industry experts, we offer unfiltered access for customers via one powerful network.

Our competitive advantage is our ability to leverage our global relationships across 170+ countries in the remittance industry, formed over 25 years.

Our team have worked for some of the world's leading companies:

Our leadership team

Mohit Davar


SH Group

Kevin Neuschatz


SH Group

Sartaj Aulakh

Head of Corp. Develoment

SH Group

Jaydeep Desai

Financial Controller

SH Group

Greta Kvedaravičienė

Chief Executive Officer

SH Financial

Rob Groombridge

Chief Commercial Officer

SH Financial

John Osborne

Chief Product Officer

SH Financial